We are a social enterprise

Recruit for Spouses (RFS) is part of a growing, worldwide movement of businesses across industries that exist to change the world for the better.

As a social enterprise, RFS is committed to tackling the ongoing issue of military spouse unemployment and underemployment. We work tirelessly to improve this community of hard-working individuals by supporting the development of their professional selves – no matter what that may look like.

We are also a business – we are in the recruitment business. And as such we need to ensure we have a sustainable business model which involves working with prestigious clients who recruit military spouses through the services we provide.  We set profit targets each year but unlike commercial businesses, our profits are reinvested back into support military spouses in their professional development. As we grow, we are able to directly support our Career Academy which works to nurture, encourage and upskill military spouses to get back into the workplace.

As well as being the founder of RFS, Heledd Kendrick is also a military spouse and her team are military spouses. And this is where RFS’ passion comes from. They are working to improve the very situation they have lived and breathed. They have each left a career behind, faced unconscious bias by potential employers and taken jobs of which they are overqualified for so that they could just work.  It is RFS’ (and its employees) goal to ensure other military spouses can more easily overcome these hurdles.

We are changing the way people recruit, the type of team they build and the life of the military spouse community.  This is our Theory of Change and what we do as a business leads directly back into the community we support. Through our extensive networks, we have been able to support spouses back into work. Improving their self-belief, confidence and professional development.