Self-belief, how we are all perfectly imperfect, and that’s ok

Hands up who has a self-help book on their selves?! Bookshops are crammed with them shouting claims they can improve your life, make you amazing and stop you doing all the bad things. It’s clear we are a society lacking in a strong sense of self-belief and low esteem. That is, the confidence to be in your own skin, in your abilities and your judgements.

Perhaps it is the proliferation of social media which shouts of lives bigger, better and brighter than ours or maybe, as a military spouse or partner, it is following the flag, pausing your career, having a family and getting a little lost, personally.

Where low self-esteem and poor confidence comes from might be up for debate. But what isn’t, is how important it is to have self-belief since without the ability to believe in your own self-worth and actions, it can result in you never reaching your true potential.

If you doubt your own intelligence, you will constantly search for validation. If you don’t believe in your own judgement, you become indecisive and risk adverse. It can affect your happiness, confidence and infiltrate each element of your life.

So how do you ensure you are developing a strong sense of self-belief? A good start is to adopt a positive mindset. It takes practice, but by approaching things with ‘I can do it’ rather than ‘I can’t do it’ you are more likely to succeed. As part of our focus on self-care for this month, we are also hosting the amazing Suzy Oliver, founder of Mothers of Enterprise and Catriona Ward, the Zen coach. Both of their live sessions look closely at self-belief, how to boost your own confidence and help you reach your potential.

Because by having the confidence to believe in your own aspirations, you set a clear goal to work towards. And that’s when you can reach your true potential.

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