National Cyber Force Partnership

Here, at the RFS Career Academy, we have exciting news regarding our new partnership with the National Cyber Force. 

As a collaborative partner, we will work to raise awareness of employment opportunities within this esteemed, high-profile government agency as they seek to recruit, in particular, women and individuals from ethnic and minority communities to aid them in their efforts to promote and protect the interests of the UK both at home, and overseas. This partnership seeks to develop this focus further, and lead our military community into a long term, meaningful, unique working experience.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrate the reliance of cyberspace in keeping our economy, society and technologies safe, and the NCF seek to establish the UK as a ‘top tier cyber power’ in the years to come, in order to adapt towards a more fluid and competitive international environment; shaping new norms and international order in pursuit of a free, open, peaceful and secure cyberspace. Working in partnership with GCHQ and the MOD; the Secret Intelligence Service and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory; the NCF bring cutting edge espionage and research techniques into British Defence and Intelligence Services, in pursuit of their security and technological aims. 


You might be reading this article and be wondering how you can get involved, or whether it’s possible to work for such an organisation. You don’t need to be James Bond to work for the NCF. In reality, you don’t need to come from a tech or military background either. What they are seeking are resilient and adaptable problem solvers, and those who are able to communicate with people of differing seniority within an open, inclusive working environment. The only requirement is that you hold a British passport, and the unrestricted right to work within the UK.


Thankfully, for our Military Spouses, these characteristics are ones which we hold as a result of our unique life experiences, as we up-sticks to a number of locations for the purpose of our other half’s career path, adapting to changing environments, in the face of uncertainty regarding future employment, and the educational opportunities available to our families in this new area. These issues come accompanied with the greeting of new people and settling into new communities, finding out where to do the weekly shop, researching where the nearest bus and train stations are, where the best place is to go for a haircut, amongst other day to day tasks which we find out ourselves. 

These tasks may seem normal to our community, but it is this degree of innovative, often individual thinking and researching, and the resilience of having to do this as often as we do, that appeals to the NCF. What better way to demonstrate adaptability than describing our life experiences, as we travel from different areas of the UK to areas overseas, far from what we are accustomed to?


The opportunities presented by the NCF seem well suited to our spousal community, as we seek a progressive, yet stable career path, which we can adapt towards our personal and family commitments. 

A sense of belonging surrounds their working culture, and they seek to recruit from our pool of unique talent to better represent their working demographic. They see past the traditional forms of recruitment, utilising a holistic approach towards their process of candidate screening in order to find the right fit for you, and for them.

We are sure this organisation will appeal, and the benefits and culture that accompany such a unique opportunity are unrivalled. For more information, please contact us at