Month of the Military Child

April is designated as the Month of the Military Child, a month which showcases the important role military children play in the armed forces community. Every year we take this time to celebrate these amazing children for their selflessness and sacrifice as they serve our country as part of a military family.

The Dandelion is known as the official flower of the military child, a plant with strong roots and a tendency to travel. A plant that survives regardless of location, and settles wherever the wind takes it. ‘The Dandelion Poem’ was written by an unknown author and tells the story of just how special military children are.

“The Dandelion Poem”

Dandelions put down roots almost anywhere and almost impossible to destroy.

It is an unpretentious plant, 

yet good looking, 

and a survivor in a broad range of climates.

Military children bloom everywhere the winds carry them.

They are hardy and upright. Their roots are strong,

cultivated deeply in the culture of the Military, planted swiftly and surely.

They’re ready to fly in the breezes that take them to new adventures,

new lands, and new friends.

Military children are well-rounded,

culturally aware, tolerant, and extremely resilient.

They have learnt from an early age that home is where their hearts are,

and that a good friend can be found in every corner of the world.

They learn that to survive means to adapt,

and that the door that closes one chapter of their life opens up to a new and exciting 

adventure full of new friends and new experiences.