Military Spouses…Fame At Last

Most are aware of the inspiring beginnings of the Military Wives Choir.  Brought together with a mutual requirement, not necessarily of singing and performing but rather, being together, supportive and challenging one another to explore outside their comfort zones.

The release of a film which tells this story: ‘Military Wives’, staring Kristin Scott-Thomas and Sharon Horgan, brings military spouses back to the fore. It is an opportunity to see this group of diverse, inspiring individuals and understand what it means to be a military spouse.

When you marry into the Armed Forces, you do not necessarily appreciate what lies ahead. You most probably move every 2 or 3 years in the UK and abroad, your partner can be deployed for months on end and you are allocated your living quarters – where carpets range from blue to green to a dark red (excellent when you have young children) and beige. The walls are magnolia and the bathrooms are better left unsaid. Your career also takes a back seat. Unless it can fit into a box and move with you, it can be hard to keep it going.

But marrying into the Armed Forces also provides the opportunity to see parts of the world you never expected, to meet a diverse breadth of people from various backgrounds, to make friends with people within hours of moving into the house and they remain friends for life, to open the front door and your kids run off with their new mates and are out for the rest of the day.

What the film shows is, as well as not necessarily being the best singers in the world, military spouses (women and men) are passionate, resilient and have a supportive community that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Our careers can halt, stall or go backwards. But given an opportunity, we are fiercely hard workers who learn quickly and can manage changes and stressful environments. Having moved to new areas or countries and settling our family, making friends and ingratiate ourselves into the local community, we provide skills and adaptability that training courses cannot teach.

We may move every few years, but provided with remote, flexible working opportunities, we are loyal and dedicated to the role.

What the film does so well is show the rest of the world how rewarding, transformative and challenging the life of a military spouse can be, and how we embrace it, work with it and support each other throughout. Recruit for Spouses was founded by a military spouse with those qualities at the heart. Bringing this inspiring community together and providing them with the opportunity to grow, develop and work. They are hard-working, intelligent, experienced and ready to work, adding real value to your business. Contact us today to learn more about why you should be employing a military spouse – and we promise not to sing to you.

Military Wives Choir Trailer