Martyn Shaw, helping to unlock true potential

Martyn Shaw is an Operations Planning Team Leader for BAE Systems, he is also one of our valued volunteer coaches and provides support and guidance to military spouses. His commitment and positivity towards the programme has helped five spouses, to date, achieve their professional goals.

What is your career background?

I have worked for BAE Systems since 2008 in that time I have moved about a number of locations, working in manufacturing, Planning and management.

What inspired you to be a volunteer for the coaching programme?

Having moved my family around the UK I have seen firsthand the pressure it puts on partners, seeing them move away to areas they don’t know and away from the people they know make it hard to pick up and continue in their own careers. Our military personnel do a fantastic job and this is my way of paying something back. The knowledge and skills I have I share with others to help them fulfil their own goals.

Can you tell us a bit about the process you undertook to become a coach?

I have always been a people person and had the ability to talk comfortably with others. This, combined with my own personal experiences, along with the mentoring and coaching course I have undertaken give me a large skillset to support the partners of military spouses.

How many coaches have your coached so far?

So far I have support 5 fantastic military spouses.

Can you tell us a bit about a typical coaching session?

Each session is relaxed, but structured and focussed on the achievement of the military spouses’ own personal goals. I am not teaching the spouses anything new just helping them unlock their own potential.

What impact have you seen the coaching sessions having on the coachees?

I know though the feedback I have received that each spouse has been successful in achieving their own personal goals.

What impact has the coaching sessions had on you? And how has it enlightened your view of military spouses?

My time spent supporting military spouses has really enlightened me to the pressure they are put under. By being there and supporting them through the coaching sessions, it has given me a real sense pride in what I do. Knowing that I have played a small part in changing the life of a military spouse and the knock on effect it will have on their family lives is such reward.

What advice would you give Military spouses who aren’t sure the coaching programme is for them?

To any military spouse out there who has moved or moving in the future, join this fantastic program, unlock your own future. The team at RFS are fantastic, the coaches have a wealth of knowledge and many of them have lived through this personally, tap into the resource to help support you in your next steps.