How to Get The Best Out Of Your Coaching Sessions

Coaching can give huge benefits both personally and professionally.  It can provide clarity on what drives us to make decisions and unlock new insights that we may not have considered or appreciated. And whilst coaching can unlock your true potential, and help identify your sense of purpose, it doesn’t happen overnight. It provides you with the tools to deliver change in your behaviour – but the steps you take to achieve that is down to you.

It is therefore important to maximise your time with your coach.  By preparing yourself prior to the sessions, you can make sure you get the most out of the programme. So how should you prepare?

Consider your goals

Sit down and think about what you want to achieve from the coaching sessions. What is your end goal? With this, consider what you want from your coach. Set up a preliminary meeting to discuss working together and what approach works best for you. Your coach won’t necessarily be your best friend, but a positive chemistry even at this early stage is really important.

Prepare for content

Prepare for each session and consider what you will bring to it. The coach is there to provide the process, but you need to provide the content. By thinking about what you want to explore, what challenges you may encounter, or any relevant feedback will help direct and mould each session ensuring it is useful and relevant.

Feedback is a two-way street

You will need to prepare to give and receive feedback. Your coach is there to support you but also challenge you and you need to be comfortable with this. Your coach will also benefit from your feedback in order to influence future sessions.

Style it out

What’s your learning style? Do you prefer to self-learn or need a more direct approach? Do you deal with feedback well and how much is too much? The coaching sessions are individual to you and therefore you need to consider how you best learn, work and take things onboard.

Emotional triggers

Talking about yourself, your challenges or your aspirations can leave you feeling overwhelmed or vulnerable. Coaching can trigger emotions but this isn’t necessarily a negative, rather a useful guide to where focus should lie going forward.

We learn from reflecting

As much as we would love it, coaching won’t solve everything, nor will it provide change overnight. But what it will do is provide you with the tools to get started on making the change. It is then up to you to put in the time and effort in. This means digesting what you’ve uncovered and reflecting on what you have taken away from the sessions. The answers will then come.

Our coaching programme is designed, not to change your life, but to empower you with the tools to do it yourself. You may feel out of your comfort zone talking to someone about yourself, your aspirations and your challenges, but the coaches are here to listen, support and encourage you to unlock your true potential.

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