How to be remote and effective

Not sure if you are aware, but we are currently undergoing a significant challenge in the corporate world. Where the impact is not selective, and the risk is far reaching. As Coronavirus spreads with shocking speed, we need to rapidly change the way we work in order to continue to make the world turn.

For many business leaders, they have taken the hard but essential decision to close their offices and ask their employees to work from home. But for some, the concept of remote working is an unknown. Recruit for Spouses live and breathe remote working – it’s who we are. And there are some essential pointers we can share to ensure however long this pandemic lasts, remote working is embedded in your company’s culture going forward.

Ensure you have effective collaborative tools

With people working in various locations, this is an essential requirement to ensure remote working success. Effective technology ensures you can build a community through file sharing, conference calls and instant team chats.

Introduce a remote communication strategy

Alongside the collaborative technology, build a comprehensive communication strategy which supports remote working. This should set out guidelines about response times (no one wants to feel ignored), about the variety of tools to use and when. It is important to build a community through video calls, emails, conference calls etc.

Engage with your team regularly

One of the biggest risks of remote working is the feeling of isolation and loneliness that your employees can feel. You can counter this by making yourself available. Keep fully accessible and engage in frequent communication using multiple channels Respond quickly to questions and queries and maintain high levels of engagement.

Trust your team

For businesses that don’t use remote working regularly, there can be uncertainty about whether work will be completed, and to the same quality as in the office. However, quite the opposite is true in remote working. Productivity levels tend to be higher and, without office distractions, efficiencies are greater.

To reduce uncertainty, set clear guidelines about service levels and communicate these to your team members. By establishing clear goals for everyone to work towards, it avoids any confusion or lack of focus.

While we hope the Coronavirus scare is short run, we would encourage businesses to view this as an opportunity to explore remote working, and potentially establish it as a norm. Employees are looking more and more to join companies where remote flexible working is part of the culture. And for businesses, when executed properly, it can improve productivity, staff retention and business efficiencies, not to mention reduced overheads.

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