Let's go!

Looking for a new job can be a long and often lonely process and the search can sometimes feel like a full-time job. It takes up so much time that it is only natural you can get bored, lose your motivation and start to cut corners or lose your appetite to tailor your applications.

When each application needs to sound fresh, current and make employers want to meet you, you need to present your best self and that can only be done when you are not burnt out from the hunt.


  1. Organise Yourself

It can be useful to set daily and weekly goals and even track your progress. These goals should not just cover applying for jobs but also things such as; researching X number of industries, companies or key industry leaders per day / week, mobilising X number of contacts, writing a specific number of speculative applications and set aside enough prep time to prepare for meetings and interviews.

  1. Get Focused

If you know the type of job you want, try not to cast your net too wide with applications. Take a step back and write your career goals – by firming up your ambitions, you can better understand why you want a particular job, and if it’s right for you. If you need any guidance or support with this, our Career Academy Coaching Programme is free and available for this very thing.

  1. Keep The Dream

Your dream job might not be the one you apply for since you may need to gain extra skills and experience. A stepping-stone approach lets you see the bigger picture and staying focused on the end prize. Lateral job moves can help you move closer to where you want to be without being detrimental to your CV.

  1. Take A Break

Tweaking your CV and cover letters for every application, following up on leads, keeping up to date with industry blogs and forums…it can take so much of your energy and erode your motivation. To help you stay fresh, take time off now and again. Doing some physical exercise, speaking to friends or chatting on our private forum about your experiences can help boost energy. Don’t feel guilty about taking time out, it’s a good thing to give yourself a break.

  1. Think Outside The Box

To avoid getting down and lacking in motivation, consider volunteering either in your preferred industry or for a good cause. It can help maintain drive and discipline while keeping your CV current. You could also look at training or upskill sessions that show you are proactive and ambitious.

  1. Call In Your Contacts

Job searches shouldn’t just concentrate on applications and CVs. This is when the value of a LinkedIn page comes into its own. Explore your contacts and networks to identify people or companies you can talk to, research or potentially apply to. Sometimes the ideal job isn’t on a jobsite, but through a friend, colleague or contact.

The job search is no easy task. It can take its toll on your motivation and confidence. But please remember, the job you want is out there – even if it doesn’t always feel like it. Don’t beat yourself up if it takes a while to fine it…the best things come to those who wait.

And in the meantime, speak to Recruit for Spouses. We have a private forum where you can ask any professional questions, a free to access coaching and mentoring programme to help focus you and free training sessions. We are here to help you in your job search – whatever your goal.