Add value to people’s lives – work for the NHS

Working within the healthcare industry is one of the most rewarding career choices there is – everyday, you are adding value to people’s lives through the work you do – whether it is directly to the patient, or behind the scenes.

You are surrounded by inspiring people

Not just the surgeons that perform lifesaving operations, but you can be inspired by nurses, therapists, patients and their families. Their approach, commitment and focus on the job in hand will inspire you every day.

You develop personally

No two days are the same in this fast-paced environment. Each day you become stronger as a person, learn to deal with high pressure situations and keep calm in a crisis. Having your days filled with variety help your adaptability whilst always knowing you are working towards a meaningful joint goal.

You acquire new skills

Healthcare is a rapidly growing industry. The NHS is in fact the 5th largest employer in the world with around 1.7 million employees across the UK. And with the population set to increase substantially, that means it is set to grow further still. In an industry that is always growing, there is ample opportunity to personally develop through extra training and personal development opportunities.

You change lives

You don’t have to be directly treating patients to change lives. The role you do, the decisions you make, will positively impact the level of care patients receive – and their lives as a result.

You don’t need to be a doctor

Due to its size, the NHS employs a vast number of employees in a broad range of roles across many different sectors. Many require skillsets and experience that doesn’t involve years in medical school. You will always find something that perfectly matches your own experience, skills and talent.

You enjoy great benefits

The NHS has one of the UK’s best pension schemes, pay enhancements to reward out of hours work and an annual personal development review to support career aspirations. In addition, NHS workers receive a huge amount of public support in the way of discounts.