Let's go!

Who are we?

Recruit for Spouses is an independent and award winning social enterprise dedicated to supporting, championing and finding gainful employment for an untapped talent pool of spouses and partners to members of our Armed Forces.

We work to overcome outdated perceptions about mobility and suitability and provide the tools for spouses to return to the workplace and excel in their chosen path.

We provide unparalleled understanding and support of the employment situation of military spouses and provide a supportive community for spouses to get back into the workplace.

We value; honesty & integrity, unpretentious straight talking, inspiration & empowerment, understanding & supportiveness

RFS; A Decade in the making

Happy spouses

I probably would of never gone into the recruitment world if it wasn’t for Recruit for Spouses. But I really have found that I enjoy it, and I have to thank Recruit for Spouses for believing in me and bringing me into the sector.


Hannah Lewis

Thank you so so much.
I honestly could not have done it without the support from you and Angela.


Venina Wailevu

Helpful? It has been so much more. It has given me confidence and self-belief as well as motivation and inspiration.


B. Barber, Military Spouse

RFS was...a platform for spouses who understood my struggles and my challenges. It felt like I came to them in pieces, deflated and very defeated and they (RFS) pieced me back together.


Rusila Halofaki