New guidelines for employers

RfS drives future policy making when it come to recruiting military spouses

By Recruit For Spouses Posted: 05/10/2014

A good employer makes certain that candidates are judged on their merits and, once employed, supported appropriately within a culture that is receptive to the needs of individuals. On any staff, personal circumstances will be many and varied. To ensure that partners of the British Armed Forces are being given the same opportunity to succeed as anyone else, Recruit for Spouses recently teamed up with the Employers' Network for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI) to produce a guide to employing the 100,000 military spouses across the UK. It is hoped that companies will use the guide to inform future policy making.

“The principles put forward will ensure a better understanding of the military spouse and can be used to write employment policy,” said RfS Founder Heledd Kendrick. “We worked hard on this project, with welcome contributions from AFF, and we are delighted it's helping us spread the word amongst employers, tackling the thorny issue of how we are perceived.”

The ENEI, a proud supporter of Armed Forces Day 2014, is the UK's leading employer network covering all aspects of equality and inclusion in the workplace. In addition to representing the views of employers, its role is to influence Government, business and trade unions by highlighting the pros and cons of new employment laws and campaigning for inclusive working environments. A spokesperson for the organisation said: “Military spouses are often a forgotten component of our Armed Forces, whose support for their partners is invaluable in maintaining the safety and security of us all. This guide challenges the myths and explains the actions employers can take to support military spouses at work.” If you would like to view the guide in full, visit: and search under Resources/Employer Guides.