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Maintaining a career as a military spouse can be tough, but we like to celebrate the success stories at RFS so we are very proud to announce our new ambassador and best selling Author Amanda Prowse. Here Amanda writes about why working is so important for a military partner.

By Recruit For Spouses Posted: 31/08/2014Meet our Ambassador

It’s not easy being the other half of a military couple. As I always say, my husband underwent years of training whereas I was thrown in at the deep end and expected to learn on the job.

I worked as a Management Consultant for fifteen years, travelling all over the world and working on projects as diverse as The Eurofighter (Typhoon) Communications and helping with a new data analytics system for Sainsbury’s.

I would regularly have to justify why taking on an army spouse was a good idea.  And between you and I – it was a struggle to think of one single reason why I would make a good employee…

I mean, why would anyone hire me? I juggled a work life balance, looked after the kids single-handedly while my husband went off on tour, kept a level (ish) head and a brave smile when I was feeling distraught inside, paid the bills, kept the house, helped my community, was staying put for at least 2 years. I was resilient, industrious, tough and reliable, I have to be I’m a Forces wife! I was used to travelling, could pack up at a moment’s notice and deliver. I was used to facing challenges, working as a team, working alone, wasn’t remotely fazed by a commute and I could drink a pint of cider in under 3.4 seconds. I was right! There wasn’t one single good reason to employ me – there were hundreds!

In all seriousness, the best thing about hiring me was that I wanted to work. Regimen and work ethic are part of our lives and we make excellent employees. Work proved to be my salvation, it helped my self-esteem and got me out of the bubble that life on a patch can sometimes be. I also learnt that living in hardship at times meant I was the last person to fall apart when the printer ran out of toner – I, like you, know that there are far bigger things to worry about!

I switched career quite dramatically in my forties – the best mid-life crisis ever! And continue to work hard, albeit as a writer, which is hardly a proper job is it? I have watched the Forces Wives Revolution unfold before my eyes and am delighted to be a part of it, whether we are singing in the Albert Hall, running marathons, writing best-sellers or getting our lipstick on and going out and getting jobs – we are on it! And all I can say is ‘watch out world, there’s more than one hero living behind our front doors!’ 


Bestselling Amanda Prowse


'A modern-day love story ... set to become a bestseller' Daily Mail

'A page-turning novel of loss and courage' Sun

'A fast, unputdownable read, Amanda Prowse adeptly fuses
a tale of love and courage with the stark realities of war,
both on the field and at home' Red

'This romantic story of courage and determination
is simply captivating' Closer


Amanda Prowse is the author of the 'No Greater Love' series of books.  The common feature of these novels is that each follows an ordinary woman who finds herself in an extraordinary situation.  Each book explores the different types of love that exist, for e.g. that of a wife for her husband or a mother for her daughter and the emotions that motivate individuals to try and overcome impossible odds in order to help the ones they love.


After working as a management consultant for most of her professional life, Amanda started writing in earnest in 2008, having always obsessively crafted short stories and scribbled notes for potential books.  Her first novel 'Poppy Day' was independently published in 2011 and sold widely thanks to word of mouth recommendations, prior to being picked up by the national press, SKY News, the BBC and ITV networks, all of which featured her work and this publicity attracted the attention of a fantastic agent and soon thereafter a wonderful publisher.


The newly formed publisher, Head of Zeus, immediately gave 'Poppy Day' a professional makeover re-released it for November 2012 whereupon it sold again in large quantities and continues to do so today as a back catalogue title.  All author royalties from both editions of Poppy Day, the Kindle version and Audio book have been donated to the Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal and will do for the lifetime of the UK copyright.

 AMANDA PROWSE regularly appears on BBC Breakfast and BBC Radio. She is often called upon as a spokeswoman for military wives and mother