About us

Our mission statement

Recruit for Spouses exists to effect a three-fold change in bridging the military and business communities: we alter the way military spouses live and work, enabling an increasingly important second income; we shape the way modern businesses source and retain quality employees; we are changing the perception of Forces’ spouses as a transient work force.

Helping military spouses

Most modern families in the UK recognise that where once a second income might have been an advantage, it is increasingly a ‘must-have’, and military families are no exception. Too frequently, skilled, career-minded spouses are overlooked in the workplace in favour of candidates perceived to be more geographically stable.

Recruit for Spouses’ message to business is simple: recent changes throughout the British military mean its families are more settled then ever before, and Forces’ spouses deserve rewarding income opportunities from a level playing field.

If you’re a military spouse with aspirations of saving for a house deposit or funding a mortgage so your family can put down roots, we can help you to make it happen.

Supporting modern business

Recruit for Spouses is a gateway for employers across the UK to access a wealth of human resources. By their nature, military spouses are adaptable and resourceful, capable of forging good relationships in a fast-changing environment: in short, assets to any business.

As a social enterprise venture, our efforts are focussed on the success of our members, not profit margins, allowing us to offer exceptional value for money; we have around 3,000 spouses on our books and the pool of talent continues to grow daily. Your business will also gain recognition via the UK’s Military Spouses Business & Employment Charter mark, awarded to companies using a recruitment source with social improvement for military families at its core.

Bringing about change

Founded and run by military spouses like the ones it serves, Recruit for Spouses is an independent social enterprise: we are not branched off the military, are not a charity and we receive no public funding.

Spearheading a change in perception has been key to our success as we forge strong client relationships based on our guiding principles of fair opportunity, career development, flexible working practices and openness. As employers tap into the resources of the military spouse community, our members prove our greatest asset as we all look towards a mutually rewarding future.


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