About us

How Recruit For Spouses began

Walking home from a coffee morning at a fellow military wife's home in January 2009, Heledd Kendrick had an idea.  During her years as military wife, she had come across a wealth of professionally qualified, personally motivated military spouses who were unemployed as a result of their husband or wife's career choice.  These people were stuck in a professional rut, unable to find fulfilling employment, primarily because of age-old stereotypes surrounding people attached to the military in recruitment agencies: little ability to commit to demanding roles and a propensity for leaving at short (or no) notice due to the ever changing and moving nature of military service.  And so it was that Heledd realised that amongst the plethora of military businesses and charities offering career advice and employment aid to serving personnel and veterans, there is a substantial lack of support for the partners of those still serving.  So it was that Recruit for Spouses was created.

Shortly afterwards, when her husband was due to be deployed to Afghanistan, Heledd was 'let  go' by her employer on the basis that she would not be able to work every shift available, due to her husband's long absence abroad and the increased pressure on childcare this created.  Her convictions that military spouses were being sold short by employers had come to fruition in her own life, and fuelled her on to tackle this social injustice head on.

She realised that an agency of some sort needed to be established, not a charity but a business with a social purpose:  to enable the pool of talent lying dormant on military patches all over the UK to continue their professional lives; its mission, to get employers at all levels to understand military spouses and see them as an untapped resource with huge potential.

Recruit for Spouses was launched in 2012 with all this in mind.

Military partners give absolute dedication, professional conviction and quality professional output.  With the changes in the UK military over the past 12 months, families will now be more stable than ever before and this will open a new source of employees to businesses in the vicinity of military garrisons.  More than this, Recruit for Spouses continues to fight for a level playing field so that military spouses are treated equally in the employment space and to put an end to preconceptions about unreliability and inconsistency in those married to our nations' serving men and women.

Founder and CEO, Heledd Kendrick