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What our candidates say about us

"I never envisaged that I would be an 'army wife' and would have to put my career on hold to follow my husband around the country in pursuit of his career. With a University degree and law school behind me, I embarked on a promising legal career. However, as it does, life pulls you in different directions and I left the law when I married my husband and assumed my new identity as an army wife. I was not prepared for what was to follow - countless job applications,the frustration of being out of work and the feeling of desperation that my talents were not being recognised. Then I came across Recruit for Spouses and it was apparent that I was not alone. There are countless partners of military personnel who have impressive backgrounds and a lot to offer. We want to make a meaningful contribution to society but our unique circumstances make it challenging to get the opportunities we both deserve and are qualified to do. Recruit for Spouses offers a fantastic service by championing the talents of army spouses and demonstrating to employers that we can provide a valuable, and flexible, contribution to their business."

"Last week I received a formal offer for a really exciting, high profile Exec Assistant role for a CEO/entrepreneur. Today I was told that due to restructuring they wouldn't be able to proceed with the "job". At my 4th interview last week I was told I was the last candidate left, that I'd been the preferred choice and strongest candidate. They then went on to say that their main/only concern had been my husband being in the RAF. My heart sank a little, as did my husband's when I told him! I know that technically employers aren't supposed to ask questions about your personal circumstances/age etc but this being a hands on/personal job I didn't want to lie and why should I? I had explained that my husband is currently doing his HND through the RAF locally and we're also hoping to buy and settle in the area as we currently rent our house out in Colchester. We managed 4 years long distance out of the 10 we've been together and we don't know what the future holds and it might be an option for us again in the future. They concluded that of course any person could change their situation. It was all just a little frustrating to hear, even more so when he's an ex-serving Army officer having started as a private and finished as a Major. I just wanted to say a very big thank you for being there to represent us spouses and give us a voice. Wishing you continued success in everything you do."


"It's not just military wives, my wife is in the military and I am a bricklayer by trade. I am quite lucky that I can find work but as I have to keep starting at the bottom every time we move the pay is always worse. I appreciate your understanding and support. Thanks for your help."