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Guide to interview questions and answers.

Job interviews can be a daunting, scary experience but you can ditch the nerves by preparing answers to popular interview questions before you head out the door.

So, it’s interview preparation time. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything you have to do? Don’t panic! Take a breath and relax! We've broken it all down for you so it's easier to digest.

Interview questions fall into four main categories:

  • Questions about you

  • Questions about your work experience and knowledge

  • Questions about why you want THIS job

  • Competency-based questions

    As long as you prepare for each TYPE of question, you should be fine if they throw in any surprise difficult interview questions! (And that DOES happen!).

    Interview questions about you

    What? These are usually the opening questions – but you can expect ‘you based’ questions to crop up throughout your interview, especially if it’s a first interview.

    Why? These questions are designed just to find out a bit more about you: your personality,

    your experience, your knowledge and, of course, your personality. After all, nobody wants to work with someone who they won’t get on with. It’s as important as your experience. You must market yourself.

    Interview questions about your work experience and knowledge

    What? This is where it gets a bit more involved as the interviewer tries to find out more about you. These usually form the bulk of any first job interview. Second job interviews are slightly different...

    Why? These are designed to dig a little deeper and find out if you have the skills needed to actually DO the job. Is your work experience a good fit? Do you have the right knowledge to fit right in or will they need to train you.

    Interview questions about why you want THIS job


What? Great, so they must like you to be asking you these questions. They want to know if YOU like THEM. A good sign!

Why? These questions are designed to see if you’re serious about this job; after all, there’s nothing worse to an employer than having to re-advertise a job because the person they offered it to has got cold feet!

Competency-based interview questions

What? Uh-oh! Here come the tricky questions. These are the ones that will get you really thinking. Why? These questions are designed to see if you can back up what you’ve

been saying. Often used in second interviews, they want you to explain how you’d handle different work situations, using examples from your past experience. 

Resources for Military spouses looking for work:

 Are you at a cross roads with your career and not sure exactly what you'd like to do, if that's you we highly recomend taking the test at Career Test it's free and we highly recommend having a go. It's surprisingly accurate!

RBLI Lifeworks

Recruit for Spouses and the RBLI Life works program have partnered to help spouses with their help in getting work ready.

"The RBLI offer great courses which help and support military spouses into empolyment. We find that a lot of spouses lose confidence when it come to applying for work and these course offer ideal support for spouses". Says Heledd Kendrick CEO

To find out more about when the courses are on click here to find out more.

Working for yourself

Being your own boss gives you the greatest flexibility, ideal if you have children in school, and particularly if you're regularly moving around. Where do you start if you have a business idea and you want to become self employed as a military spouse?

Contact us if you need help with this. Many military partners have built up a great businesses from their quarters.  It won't affect your child tax credits until you're earning over the threshold. Please Click here to download the latest information on working for yourself with details about how much you can earn before you start to pay tax. As a military spouse with a serving partner, there is also a small business loan that you can apply for. Please contact us for more information.

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